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Home design and decorating ideas in 3D: online services and software

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You are about to move to your new house, but before beginning the renovation works, you will probably want to have an idea of the final result. How can you do it? It's simple thanks to the several home design computer software packages available on the web, and for free! Thanks to these tools, you will be able to reproduce the house of your dreams without being a 3D interior designer! And slowly you will also find many brilliant home design ideas!
Let's discover some together.

Google SketchUp

If you want to discover how to design a house in 3D focusing your attention more on the building itself rather than on interior design and furniture, Google SketchUp is the right tool. It is a free program developed by Google that allows you to build 3D models of various kinds, from coffee pots to skyscrapers,  including of houses and palaces.
The interface of Google SketchUp is quite intuitive, but to learn to use the program properly it is necessary to study and do some practice. But don't worry! You can consult the complete guide of  Google SketchUp and watch the several tutorials online.

Interior design softwares: Google SketchUp

Sweet Home 3D

If you are looking for a program to design a house in 3D more focused on furniture and interior design, try Sweet Home 3D that, as the name suggests, allows you to create 3D models of houses, including the furniture and the household appliances inside. Sweet Home 3D is a bit easier to use than Google SketchUp.

Interior design softwares: Sweet Home 3D

Autodesk Homestyler

Autodesk Homestyler is a super free web application for iPad and Android tablet dedicated to the 3D design of high-level apartments. You can select and add all the structural elements and pieces of furniture you like by a simple drag & drop tool.

The interiors can be designed in different shapes and sizes, with all the doors and windows you want. And if you are satisfied with your project, you can save it online and share it with other users.

Interior design softwares: Autodesk Homestyler


PlanningWiz3 is a nice online service, that allow you to design your home décor in simple and intuitive way but ensuring excellent quality, as if you were a professional interior designer.
A large number of tools are available, simply drag the many elements which are provided in the room and then, if necessary, modify them to your liking in both size and position.

Interior design softwares: PlanningWiz3

Some More Types of Interior Design Software 

  • IKEA Home Planner is a simple tool useful to plan your living room and kitchen design, but with Ikea furniture!
  • SmallBluePrinter is an online service to draw the floor plan of your house. It also allows you to walk on it in 3D.
  • From the same authors comes Garden Planner, a very useful garden design program.
  • Finally Colorjive allows you to paint the walls of a room virtually: just upload the picture of the room and then check the different effects by colouring or decorating the room as you like.

Now, you have all the necessary tools to find out more home decorating ideas and to plan the home of your dreams!


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