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YO! HOME: the four-in-one flat that it is bigger than it looks

YO! HOME technological apartment's experts

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Anna Lodeserto


YO! HOME is a technological apartment consisting of one single room, transforming its own soul, where everything appears and then disappears into the floor and walls. 
Technology is glue that makes this project so futuristic. It is designed by the British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe, former Dragons’ Den star and founder of the conveyor-belt sushi bar YO! Sushi and the YOTEL (capsule-like airport hotels with numerous micro rooms in London, Amsterdam and New York), who has been inspired once again by the Japanese way of living as well as by theatre set design, observing in particular the way experts manage to stage mechanics in West End musical shows.


It really is an apartment with one single room, characterised by a transformer soul, as the film of the same name, where huge robots transform and change appearance to save the world. In the same way, changes are on the agenda in this flexible living space with one room only.


The bed descends from the roof and sits on top of the sunken sitting room. The dining table, however, folds up from the floor. And a second bed, for guests, is hidden behind a desk. In short, it is a real home where more automated environments come to life inside a single room.

YO! Home

The first YO! Home prototype is the culmination of seven years of project designing work and there is not yet a precise cost, but Woodroffe declared that the price for its construction will be about 15% higher than that of a more traditional apartment.

Fri, 25/01/2013 - 19:14
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