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Believe it or not, the bathroom is the room in our house we spend most of our time: we use it for our daily hygienic routines and rituals and it is also one of the most visited rooms by our guests.

Use of the bathroom has changed over the years; in the past it was used exclusively for hygienic purposes; nowadays the bathroom is more like a kingdom where other than taking care of our personal appearance we can relax, read and enjoy time on our own.

People are now committing to design and decorate their bathroom according to their life style. Tell us  what you think about these 5 brilliant bathroom design ideas and share yours!


Hammock-Like Bathtub

Bathroom Hammock-Like Bathub

Like a hammock, it's suspended above the ground of the bathroom. Close your eyes, imagine you are in an exotic location surrounded and relax! It’s longer than standard bath tubs (2.7 m) and it’s made of carbon fiber. It fits two people quite comfortably so you can share this relaxing experience too.

Ammonite Washbasin

Ammonite Washbain

This Germany washbasin design takes inspired on fossils and shows how nature can shape elements, even in our most ordinary life routines. It has a hypnotizing effect, no matter how stressed your day has been, just let your mind be relaxed by water running down this original basin.

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

You love or you hate it. Do you want to add colour to bathroom? This one leaves no room to hesitation. Some people love colorful spaces and find this kind of design cheerful and energetic. Others simply will want to leave as soon as possible.

Moss Rug

Moss Shower rug

Experience nature. Step on the moss of this special bath mat and enjoy the blissful feeling of being surrounded by natural elements.

Bicycle Sink

Bicycle Sink

Do you love vintage? Then this is the perfect sink for your bathroom. Take your old bike and transform it into a beautiful handmade sink. It was created by Benjamin Bullins, New Orleans based crafter and decorator. But don’t let it trick you, you won’t be able to go any far with it!

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