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The Sink with a Built-In Aquarium: MOODY


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Anna Lodeserto


The new MOODY AQUARIUM SINK produced by Italbrass is a modern sink with an incorporated aquarium made with transparent, resistant tempered glass, which, thanks to a second internal tank, encloses a fully-functioning marine habitat. A proper lighting system makes this sink very impressive, especially at night, while a series of filters for water circulation and oxygenation ensure healthy living conditions for the fish.


Through two holes hidden under the soap dish it is possible to access the tank, to carry out maintenance work - such as cleaning, feeding and decoration. This way, the removable top facilitates cleaning and feeding.  

built-in aquarium

The basin of this sink with a built-in aquarium is installed on a steel structure, it has been designed as not to cause any harm to the fish while filling the external tank with hot water.

Not only goldfish: it is indeed possible to change MOODY to be either an aquarium with other fish, or a terrarium with rocks and plants, or a Zen garden with sand, or a simple pebble river bed.

Fri, 22/02/2013 - 07:47
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