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3 Ideas to decorate home or to present for Christmas

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Decorate your home with care and style doesn't necessarily entail a huge cost. You can work with low-cost, original, simple and also funny ideas. And if you have children, ask them to help you.

The following projects are perfect to decorate baby's bedrooms and not only for that. It all depends on choosing materials and care in creating them. Since it's time to think about Christmas gifts, why don't you take the cue from those ideas and realize them by yourself?

Decorate the wall with your own name

hand-sewn letters to decorate the wall

One of the last trends as to bedroom wall decoration consists of letters that compose your name, made of different materials. In this case we are talking about stuffed fabric letters. You can also decide to compose a word or to choose a drawing connected to Christmas subject (cover picture).

Necessary materials

  • Padding/ batting
  • Needle-and-thread
  • Different patterns fabric

How to proceed

  1. Take a two folded piece of fabric and draw on it, with a pencil, the shape or letter you would like to create. And ask to your little assistant to draw the paper pattern: he could create the shape he likes most and you could reproduce it on the fabric!
  2. Then cut on the fabric the rough-sketched drawing. With needle-and-thread (try to use the thread with the most delicate colour) sew the two pieces of fabric three quarters along the perimeter.
  3. Finally, you can insert the padding until the entire shape is filled and then complete the seam.
  4. The result will be a letter, or a cat's face, a bird, a flower, to hang wherever you want. For example, you can compose your name and hang it above your bed.


Create a picture frame with a twig

handmade picture frame with needle-and-thread

This is certainly a simple solution but with a great effect, suitable also for the newest locations, as well as being an original way to hang your memories.

What is necessary

  • A rather thin branch
  • Nylon or wool string with the colour you like most
  • Pictures
  • Different colours clamps
  • Lead small ball fishing

How to proceed

  1. Tie to the twig as much threads as you desire, taking care they are separated by the same distance. The thread could be transparent or coloured, it depends on the design of the bedroom in which you will hang your picture frame.
  2. Fix a lead small ball to the extremities of each thread, so that the thread stay stretched, and fix your pictures with tongs, to the height you prefer. Behind each picture, add a piece of ribbon to avoid it will fall down.
  3. If you would like to hang the picture frame on the ceiling and not just on a part of the bedroom, you can paste your pictures in pairs, with some sellotape making sure that the thread stands between the two pictures.

Print some pictures of  your beloved people and create a picture frame for them, already equipped with pictures. It will be a very appreciated gift!

Create a seamless pillow

seamless pillow

Aren't you able to sew? Don't worry: to create this pillow you don't need needle-and-thread or a sewing machine. Also your baby will be able to create it.

What is necessary

  • A shirt you are not going to use anymore, an old fleece, or a fabric of any kind
  • Scissors
  • Padding (or if you want to use a more standard way, you can use a whole pillow you want to line)
  • A pin


  1. Draw your desired shape on the fabric (if it is a normal pad, use the pad to draw the hems on the topside of the fabric). You will have to create the two sides of the pillow.
  2. Draw exactly the same shape but make it 10 centimetres bigger then the first one.
  3. Fix with a pin the two sides of your future pillow.
  4. Cut the fabric following the biggest shape you have drawn.
  5. Now you have to make vertical cuts that start from the hem and arrive till the smallest drawing made before.
  6. You will need the cutting strips to create knots to fasten the two sides of the pillow, as in the picture.
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