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5 Easter decorating ideas

Esater table decorations's experts

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How to create a spring ambiance at home for Easter Day? It's simple, thanks to a few spring decorating ideas and Easter crafts that you will be able to realize in a short time, giving a very special aspect to your home. 


Easter centrepiece for a spring table

Easter table centrepiece

Unleash your imagination to create a wonderful and colourful natural centrepieces, ideal for both the Easter period and for a radiant spring.
To prepare the nest which contains the eggs, use a blloon, wrap some raffia around it and fix it with a mixture of water and glue. Let it dry for a few hours (or use a hair dryer) and when the balloon is dry pierce it with a needle. Now, you have a balloon made of raffia that you can cut into two parts to obtain two nests. Place some straw inside each nest and put a bed of fresh flowers upon it. Finally, add some sugar, chocolate or boiled eggs.


A touch of colour on your spring dessert

Easter dessert decoration

Your Easter dessert will be even sweeter for your guests if you decorate it with a touch of colour. Drops many chocolate eggs on your cake and creates a row of small fresh flowers around it. Eggs are symbol of rebirth, therefore they are good luck symbol for your guests. Are you looking for an alternative idea? Use boiled quail eggs: compared to chicken eggs they are smaller and contain less cholesterol, helping our immune system.

Special Easter decorations for children


Easter placeholder for children

If you have some children sitting at your table, they will deserve a special attention. Create a special Easter placeholder for them: take a small cloth bag and fill it with almonds, hazelnuts, candy or chocolate; it will be a little surprise they will take home. Keep in mind that children often can resist sitting at the table for a long time. So, what about making a very special creative placeholder to help them to use imagination without creating chaos? Roll up a few sheets of coloured paper and add 3/4 coloured pencils. This could be a valuable Easter activity for children. Obviously, don't forget the chocolate!


Spring tablecloth

Tablecloth on your Easter table

If you invite close friends and relatives for the Easter lunch, you don't have to be extremely formal. On the contrary, you can set an informal yet stylish table using special spring table-mats. To create a simple but effective decoration fold and tie the napkins with some raffia or colored ribbons where you will insert a sprig of lavender or a daisy.
If you cannot renounce to an elegant table, put a linen tablecloth and place some table-mats on it in contrasting colours.  A tulip next to each plate will be appreciated by your guests, both male and female!


A bunch of fresh flower on your Easter table

Decorate your Ester table

Do not forget a bunch of fresh flowers on your Easter table (even if this is not merely an Easter decoration for the home): they will give elegance to your table and joy to your guests. You can create many small bouquet of roses and violets, to use as a placeholder and allow the guests to remember, or choose a central vase with daffodils and tulips. Love the strong scents?  Better to buy a bunch of hyacinth, well-known for their wonderful aroma.

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