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DIY Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is coming and we all want to heat up the atmosphere in our home with lights and Christmas ornaments. The Christmas tree, the nativity scene, the lights on the roof... But how many other simple decorating ideas can and make our home special at Christmas? So, many of us have already started the search for ideas for decorating our home in an original, cheap and glamorous way. Most people cannot afford expensive decorations and in particular it is important to promote recycling and using what nature gives us: this is all we need in order to make wonderful ecological and cheap Christmas ornaments.

Here, then, are some ideas of furniture and decoration that can liven up the atmosphere of your home.  

Christmas decorations


DIY Christmas Wreath

So, let's start from the entrance. In my opinion, hanging a Christmas wreath at the door is a very nice way to welcome our guests and ourselves after the whole day's work. And making one on your own is not so difficult: first of all, make a circular support with two aluminium wires: in other words, you have to bend the two pieces of wire in the shape of a circle and overlap each other, joining them in some points using another piece of wire or a thick thread. Into the gap between the two circles you can tuck sprigs of fir decorated with red ribbons or golden lights, sprigs of holly, pine cones and so on. You can really have fun personalizing your wreath as you prefer!   

Christmas wreath


DIY Paper Snowflakes

Christmas paper snowflakes

Another lovely Christmas decoration is the snowflake. It is such a wonderful effect to have many snowflakes hanging behind the window or the chandelier. You can make them in crochet if you like sewing and have the time and patience, but also paper is perfect and requires a very short time. Here's how I make paper snowflakes. Fold a square of paper (or round) in 4 parts and make some small cuts following the pattern of the image below. You will feel as child again. But the result is really satisfying! And if you want you can decorate your flakes with silver or golden glittering glue!

snowflake pattern


DIY Christmas Balls

If you love the Christmas tree (who does not?) then you can make some nice Christmas baubles by using a simple small inflated balloon around which you will roll a twine and that you will brush with water and glue. Once the glue has dried, you can pop the balloon inside and remove it. The result will be a wonderful Christmas tree decoration that you can colour, if you want. If you prefer, you can place some Christmas lights inside the balls, thus realizing a nice light garland to hang on the wall or behind the window.  

DIY Christmas Balls

DIY Advent Calendar

Waiting to really get to the heart of Christmas holidays, it can be a beautiful decorative idea and a great joy for the children, hanging on the wall a nice advent calendar, preferably home-made. You can hide a chocolate behind each number, sop that your child will find one every time a window is open or a packet discarded, or special thoughts if you want to dedicate your calendar to a friend, partner or relative.

DIY Advent Calendar


Christmas Candles

And what about enlightening your home with many small candles in addition to the traditional Christmas lights? If you have friends with young children, ask them to keep some jars of homogenized for you. They are perfect as candle holders that you can decorate as you prefer. You can apply pieces of fabric on the glass or tie around it an aluminium wire to a small useful handle for hanging them wherever you want. Place some gravel as a base for the candle or fill in the jar with water if you like floating candles.  

Christmas Candles

I forgot! These ideas can be used to decorate your home or inspire you to make Christmas gifts for your friends. Undoubtedly, they will appreciate your effort but also their sophistication. The important thing is to make everything with care and attention to detail. Have fun!

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