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Spring Decorating Ideas: DIY Lanterns

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Spring has come, days are longer and the wish to spend the night in your terrace to enjoy the freshness of this period of the year, drinking a glass of wine, is stronger than ever.

Creating a relaxing and cosy environment by decorating  your garden or terrace is as important as embellishing your home.

In particular, the light plays a very important role. Tired of naked bulbs, I would like to propose you this fabulous and simple DIY lantern, that you will be able to make using just a few thinks that you will surely have at home. You will probably just ned to buy cheap white paper lanterns that than you will decorate, making them unique.

diy garden lantern

Actually, this is a customized paper lanterns that you can use to decorate any room of your house, but I especially like it to give a special touch to my summer parties and that you would even use on a wedding. You can recreate the designs you can see in the pictures or make your own creations, with colors and patterns that suit your home or garden.


  • Paper lantern
  • Scraps of fabric or paper
  • Acrylic paint in different pastel colors, white glue, brushes and ornaments (beads and ribbons)
  • Glue.
diy lantern

Paint your paper lantern

Paint your paper lantern with an acrylic primer. Be careful not to press the lantern too hard and don't soak it too much, as it is paper and it may break or be damaged. Choose colors that suit your home decoration.
You can paint the base with different colors and once dry you can add decorative elements such as borders and graphic motifs.

diy paper lantern

Although the example you see in the picture is made using beautiful pieces of fabric, you can use scraps of paper magazines. If you hve children you can decorate your DIY lantern withe their favorite heroes.
Cut the pieces of cloth or paper, apply a layer of white glue on the back of each piece, and then paste them onto the lantern, better if with the help of a foam brush. Add a thin layer of glue over the pieces. Let dry.

diy paper lantern

Decorate your lantern

The last step is to add a beautiful decorative line ribbons, lace, tassel and other decorations at the bottom of your lantern. If you are looking for a sophisticated and festive look you can add sequins, if you're looking for a vintage lantern tie lace ribbons, dried flowers or an angel.
Now you can hang your beautiful lanterns wherever you want.

If you are organizing a party or a wedding, hang many lanterns at the trees. The result will be breath-taking!

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