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Tips to set your Christmas table

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Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, gifts... that's December! But the clue moment of the festivities, the one that we really enjoy is when we find ourselves with our beloved family and friends to celebrate Christmas together. And across the world, this event is celebrated around a table full of delicacies.

For a special occasion as Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner, nothing better than a beautiful table set with class and fantasy. You can choose whether to keep a formal style and not to forget anything on your table, or adopt a more casual and funny style. Here, then, are some tips and ideas to make a very special Christmas dinner.

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Dinner: Set an Informal Table

If you're having dinner with your family and friends, then a casual style is the best choice. But pay attention: casual does not mean poor or uncared. It just means that those who will sit at your table will immediately feel perfectly at ease and know that there are no etiquettes to be respected. Yet, it is still an important occasion, so it is worth spending a little more time than usual to set the table and pull out that special set of glasses or cutlery that you hardly use .

Here is a scheme to follow if you want to lay your Christmas table in an elegant but casual style.

  1. Place the dinner plate about 2 inches from the edge of the table.

  2. Place the soup bowl on the dinner plate.

  3. Place the plate for bread, vegetables or fruit in the top left corner.

  4. The cutlery should be placed in the order in which guests will use each item: the forks (at least two) must be placed to the left.

  5. The knife and spoon (in this order ) are at the right of the plate. Be careful that the knife's blade is turned towards the plate.

  6. Forks and dessert spoons can be placed horizontally above the dinner plate.

  7. Place the water glass above the knife. Red and white wine glasses and flutes are optional and should be placed near the water glass.

  8. The napkin's place is at the left or at centre of the plate, or within a glass.

  9. Finally, if you want to put a Christmas placeholder (completely optional but really nice ) put it above than dessert cutlery, in a central position .

Informal Christmas table setting

Christmas Dinner: Set a Formal Table

And how to set the table when you really want to impress your special guests? Or if you simply love an elegant but complete table? Here's what you can not miss on the table:

  1. soup bowl

  2. dinner plate

  3. underplate

  4. fish fork

  5. table fork

  6. knife

  7. fish knife

  8. soup spoon

  9. oyster fork

  10. water glass

  11. red wine glass

  12. white wine glass

  13. flute

  14. bread plate

  15. dessert cutlery

  16. napkin


The dessert plate and liquor glass are served at the end.

Formal Christmas table setting

Christmas Table Decorations: the Tablecloth

For Christmas celebrations we are likely to choose the classic red tablecloths and napkins, famous as auspicious colour. But if you want to keep your table sober, you can choose a white tablecloth, perhaps with some small golden, green or red details, and play with the accessories.

If you are good with DIY, homemade napkin rings can give a very personal touch to your table. You can simply tie a silk or satin ribbon around the napkin and put into the knot a sprig of pine, or glue together many cinnamon sticks, creating a cylinder that will contain the napkin.

Christmas tablecloth

Christmas Table Decorations: the Centerpiece

Given the abundance of dishes that you will surely serve to your guests at Christmas dinner, creating a free space on the table should be your main concern. Therefore, the invitation is to avoid excess and opt for one sober centerpiece that will help to create the Christmas atmosphere without being lumbering. Candles are an excellent solution.

Or you can decorate a cardboard box with gold paper and ribbons, and place it in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. You decide what to put in it, chocolate or wishes, and invite your guests to pick them after dinner. It will be a very nice surprise.

Christmas table decorations

Christmas Table Decorations: the Placeholders

We rarely use them, but placeholders are really a treat. Not recommended on an elegant and formal table, they are a nice solution for an informal dinner with friends... especially if you have lots of guests!

You can collect the clothes cardboard labels and decorate them as you like, adding a silk or satin ribbon and writing the name of the guest with a gold or silver pen.  

Christmas table decorations

Take care that your Christmas table is not exaggerated and flows into bad taste. And as in all things, pay attention to details, because even a single, small, simple detail can make your table exceptionally elegant. Merry Christmas!

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