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3 famous design chairs: refined taste and timeless classics

Design chairs, by le corbusier's experts

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How many times have we dreamed of having a wonderful Le Corbusier chair in our living room? Impossible not to recognize the great charm hidden behind the shapes of chairs designed by huge professionals like Eames or Jacobson. Design chairs that made history, making their creators immortal, and even if they went missed a long time ago, they can now relive every time their work is chosen to decorate a space. Let's see some of these work of arts.

The lc1 Le Corbusier chair

The lc1 Le Corbusier chair belongs to a collection which includes armchairs, sofas and chaise longues that the great Swiss architect and designer planned and realized between 1928 and 1929, and which were launched at the Autumn Salon in Paris in 1929. This series of chairs probably are  the highest point of expression and success in the world of design and furnishing reached by Le Corbusier: in fact, thanks to the study of human anatomy - a very careful study preceded the creation of each chair - the choice of modern and revolutionaries and materials and the search for a line that was as sober as possible, they reach the top of adherence to the artistic canons of the Modern Movement (of which Le Corbusier was one of the leading exponents in architecture and design), offering items that are elegant and comfortable  at the same time, beautiful and functional.
The lc1 Le Corbusier chair is very unique and modern, even almost a century has passed since its creation:, also thanks to the selected materials: the steel that makes up the structure gives it strength and beauty at the same time. The leather covering the back and the seat is able to give the chair a touch of extreme elegance that is also reflected by the particular shape of this chair, reminiscent of the safari or so-called "colonial " style that made that this chair was also known as “colonial chair”.
But the most important feature of the lc1 Le Corbusier chair are the technical innovations due to the study that preceded the design of this chair: in fact, this chair is equipped with a mechanism that makes it back to tilt variable , so as to be comfortable in different locations and depending on the different lengths and weights of possible users . In a limited space in this way the genius of Le Corbusier managed to combine style, elegance and absolute comfort , for a success that is still alive today.

The lc1 Le Corbusier chair

The Eames lounge chair

The Eames lounge chair has not definitely an affordable price for a chair, considering that its price starts from £ 3.800.  But if we consider all its special features and the fact that it is effectively one of the most famous design objects produced in the last century, we realise that the Eames lounge chair  has a price that is absolutely appropriate to the product offered. In fact, the lounge chair is accompanied by a comfortable Ottoman to rest your legs.
The Eames lounge chair was designed and built by Charles Eames, one of the most famous American designers of the last century, precisely in 1956. As said, the study and preparation that this chair had fully justifies the fact that the  fairly high price: in fact, the American designer, with the help and collaboration of his partner (both in work and in life), his wife Ray, who was also an architect, he worked during a few years to realize this particular project, starting from the basic idea of renewing the classic English club chair.
The Eames lounge chair is beautiful and comfortable Charles Eames wanted to particularly focus on two aspects: the first was size, and the second one was comfort, because the classic club chairs were very bulky and uncomfortable.
Sitting on this chair gives you the feeling of being embraced by a sort of shell, where you will be likely to spend long periods of relaxation.

The Eames lounge chair

The Machintosh Willow chair

Finally, here it is the Machintosh Willow chair, not definitely cheap furniture! Its incredible value is due to the value of the materials used and the study that preceeded its production.
It is a real piece of history, that is able to give an elegance and a unique style to any environment in which it is placed.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed this particular chair for the director of the Willow tea room in Glasgow. From this armchair, the director welcomed his guests, while the chair itself performed an architectural role of thanks to the special appearance of the back. Therefore, it allowed to separate the entrance from the tea room itself, without adding other  more complicated architectural tools.
The chair's frame is used open pore ash wood, usually with a glossy finish and with the possibility to choose between several colours, including classic black (the colour originally used by the Scottish designer, or cherry, walnut or wenge, to fit to various kinds of furniture, from the most modern to the classical ones.

the Machintosh Willow chair
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