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Children Bedrooms: Some Tips to Optimize Space

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Modular bedrooms are sometimes the only possible solutions for creative children's bedrooms. And most of all they are very useful and functional. As a matter of fact, after getting married, you may want to enlarge your family: you cannot forget, then, to think about how to organize the children's bedrooms.

Of course, every age group has its own needs, but you have to keep in your mind that your children will grow up rapidly; consequently, you have to organize the available space in accordance to the rapid change in requirements. As a child your kid need space to play and study in a positive atmosphere. . Then, when your child becomes a teenager, the need for privacy becomes greater and also their personal taste will become important in the selection of their bedroom. Therefore there are several aspects which must be taken into account: comfort, functionality, aesthetics.

The best solution is to choose a type of furniture that will expand together with the children and that will adequately adapt to each stage of his or her growth. A modular bedroom will be perfect.

Modular bedrooms are extremely practical since with time the various pieces of furniture can be easily moved and reassembled as changes occur, for example the arrival of another child. 

Here some tips on how to optimize your children bedroom's space.


Bunk beds

magis bunk bed

Bunk beds are a very functional and timeless solution for small bedrooms. In particular look at this idea. Magis bed is a modular bunk bed designed thinking at the amusement of children. This bed is made up of four pieces and is suitable for both parents and children. You can buy the first piece, that is the base, and then buy further pieces in case of extra need.


Loft beds

getaway loft bed

There are also functional systems of lofts that allow to have to have in a small area beds, wardrobe and desk. Obviously the upper bed will host your elder child.

The Getaway Loft bed features bed ends, ladder, guard rails, cork back panel and bolt-on side rails. Loft bed tent in blue/red or pink/purple is also available. The perfect solution for a multi-functional bedroom! Alternately you can place all your pieces (bed, desk and chair) on the loft and use the area underneath as a storing space or as wardrobe.


Roll-away beds

roll-away bed

More and more modular bedrooms include roll-away beds hidden under platforms on which one can mount the cabinets and under which the bed slides thanks to some wheels. Bed at night, and free space to play during the day! On the platform you can create a real study area with a desk, a chair and many well-mounted shelves.

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