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The word “ecodesign” means an approach to the design and creation of products with a special attention to the impact that the construction and the use of these objects may have on the environment. Therefore, at the base of ecodesign there is the intention of reducing the use of materials and of trying to recycle as much as possible those which, otherwise, would end up in in the landfill. All that in order to minimize the waste of energy and the production of waste, rigorously without forgetting that the functionality, aesthetics and originality of the product are of primary importance.


Recycling Industrial Materials

ecodesign, eco-friendly armchairs

Emiliano Bona is a designer from Bergamo who decided to devote his activities to interior ecodesign, and in particular to the recycling of abandoned industrial materials, especially of wood and iron. He named his project Sbobina Design, focusing primarily on the reinterpretation and re-use of coils (in Italian “bobine”) for electrical cables. But that's not all: crates and planks scaffolding are transformed into original hangers and tables. The judgement is up to you.


Original Transformations

ecodesign, old bathtub becomes a sofa

Reestore is a design studio that has adopted as a basic principle of its activity that of not throwing anything away. In fact, bathtubs dumped by someone, as in a modern version of Cinderella, become comfortable sofas or armchairs; old pieces of steel pipes reveal simple but original lamps. And what about the shopping carts that we can magically place in our living room? For the lovers of originality.


Honeycomb Cardboard Furniture

Honeycomb Cardboard Furniture

The studio Io10design proposes a line of furniture totally made by using honeycomb cardboard. Chaise longue, sofas, bookcases and cabinets that are sturdy but not heavy, and above all, are completely recyclable. Would you have ever dreamed of lying down comfortably on a cardboard sofa?


Eco-Friendly Wooden Armchairs

eco-friendly wooden armchairs

Wonderful creations by the Gürsan Ergil Design Studio based in Istanbul. A line of modern eco-friendly pieces of furniture, strongly linked to the local traditional craft of woodworking. Each piece of furniture is carefully hand-made and finished with environmentally friendly methods. All the products are made with recovered materials.


"Fragile" Dinner Tables

eco-friendly tables made from wooden crates

Finally we go to Holland: Rewind is a study in which ecology and aesthetics perfectly mix together, where the main keywords kept in mind are aesthetics and reuse. Furniture, accessories, lighting, textiles, but also literature and art are object of study and production in this place. Here, Krathout table was made using old wooden crates once used for the transport of goods from America. Having your dinner on a table marked by the words "Fragile" or "Made in USA" will get a special value.

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