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Mini-guide to the Purchase of a Mattress

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The purchase of a mattress implies having to make first of all an accurate search about materials, manufacturing techniques and characteristics of each type of product. And as Matisse said, if we do not give the right value to our rest, which represents a third of our lives, we can not enjoy the two-thirds of time left in which we are awake!

This is not an easy task, especially if we consider that every month a new material, gel, or foam is presented on the market as a miracle against back pain or allergies.

Let's review some of the options in detail. Here, then, some of the most common types of mattress to choose from.


Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattress

They represent the evolution of the old spring mattress. However, unlike the old models, this time the springs are inserted in many independent cotton bags, that means that the pressure of a spring does not cause the stress of the other, so as to accompany the movements of the body and adapt to its weight. Furthermore, the pressure system which consists of 7 zones areas characterized by springs of different resistance, ensures the correct support to the various parts of the body depending on their weight. Particularly suitable for robust subjects, this type of mattresses are also perfect for those who have a considerable sweating since they ensure a perfect internal ventilation.


Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress

To be honest, it is quite improper to define them "latex mattresses" given that they are actually made with a mixture of latex, a substance of plant origin, and air. Better to call them, "latex foam mattresses” since latex is first vulcanized and then mixed with water.

Already in use many years ago, after a moment of crisis due to the emergence of new products, the latex is experiencing a revival in popularity. Compared to the Memory foam, latex provides equivalent support and lasts in time in the same way, but has a recovery time of the original shape, which makes it more easy position changes. Are not suitable for wet areas or subjects from the easy sweating. It can also cause allergies.

Nowadays several models combine the latex with natural fibres such as coconut, more ecological and offering offer greater support.


Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress

Although relatively new, memory foam mattresses have been object of a rapid growth in the mid 60s. Their popularity is justified by their comfort. As a matter of fact, memory foam slowly takes on the shape of your body, thanks to its pressure and heat. The inner layer of Memory foam must be at least 2,5 inches and its thickness determines the price of the mattress. Generally, it is associated with another layer of polyurethane. A word of advice: make sure you can check the inside of the mattress to make sure that the proportions of memory foam and polyurethane are good since the latter is by far the cheapest.

In addition to traditional memory foam, there are also mattresses with a layer of gel, which provides a pleasant sensation of freshness in the hot summer nights.




After their peak of popularity during the 70s, waterbeds have been used less and less. Yet, today they are becoming fashionable again. But in their third millennium version. In fact, it is better to define it a "hybrid" mattress, which made it possible to overcome many of the problems that the previous generations of waterbeds had, while maintaining many of the benefits instead. For example, there are models which have the same outward appearance of normal mattresses, and a '"soul" made of a particular fibre soaked in water, that smoothly adapt to every movement of the body. The great advantages of this bed are that the temperature control allows you to have your mattress warmer in winter and a cooler in summer, and the fact that it deters position changes due to the absence of pressure points on the blood vessels, something that makes it an excellent anti-decubitus mattress.

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