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Waterbeds can help improve our sleep quality. Here are a few solutions and tips to know them better and dispel traditional myths. Without spending a fortune.

They are commonly connected to the concept of luxury. Few people know, however, that the waterbeds were invented to make the life of patients suffering from diseases of the joints or skin easier. In fact, due to their ergonomic quality and softness waterbeds are ideal for those people suffering from musculoskeletal problems or simply for those who want to rest better.


water bed adavantages

The creation of the first waterbed occurred in 1880 and it was an act of love by the English physicist Neil Arnott: his wife had fallen riding a horse and was confined in bed. He thought that water, the most natural substance at all, could help her to rest more comfortably since it would avoid any pressure. As a matter of fact, his wife's conditions improved in a short time.

Today, thanks to new technologies, systems and materials, waterbeds can be placed in our bedroom without spending a fortune as you can have one spending $ 2500.

The advantages that a water mattress can provide are numerous:

  • you can rest better.;
  • it improves blood circulation;
  • the water temperature can be regulated with a thermostat up to 38 degrees, so that your bed can be cool in summer and warm in winter. Power consumption is about 20 Watts/hour. If you do not use the controller the water is at room temperature.
  • the waterproof material is ideal also for those suffering from rheumatism;
  • it is hypoallergenic since dust mite cannot settle on it.



Many people will be thinking that it is dangerous since the mattress could break and the water spread in the room: don't worry! This is a useless fear. Today, it is practically impossible because the waterbeds are made with extremely resistant materials. And in case of a leak the water would be absorbed by the spongy layers created on purpose.


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