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Modern Woven Chairs: Handicraft and Design

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Design often seems to look exclusively at the future. New technology, shapes and materials are experimented. But there are some exceptions in which the design becomes the meeting point of past and future and it is capable to recover old traditions and to reinterpret them, creating great works of art that encapsulate the knowledge of the artisan, the elegance of the artist and the technology of our times.


BLUES by Rami Tareef

blues chair by rami tareef

What does actually happen when art and design meet? What basic differences in thinking, planning and execution characterize the objects produced by the craftsmen and designers?These are the questions that inspired Rami Tareef in his creation of Blues.

The Israeli designer affirms that the project comes from his belief that the mission of designers is to preserve the traditional craft using modern design, that is placing traditional objects in the contemporary culture.

So, a simple chair of stainless steel becomes a three-dimensional framework for weaving. Rami Tareef creates chairs with geometric patterns by wrapping and weaving cords around spare steel frames. The result is a comfortable and attractive seating surface.

These sturdy chairs are designed for everyday use and are perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

They are produced applying the skills learned from a wicker craftsman in the Old City of Jerusalem to contemporary forms and materials. As a matter of fact, Tareef COD Project (Crafts Oriented Design) is a studio in which the work of designers is to maintain and update traditional weaving techniques.

The chairs are composed of two materials only: 1640 feet of polypropylene cord coiled around 10 meters of steel rods.



anmone chair by edra

This armchair by Edra is a true manifesto of the work of the Campana brothers: a corolla shaped metal structure, sandblasted and painted in metallic gray, where special coloured plastic tubes are hand-woven little using little with methodical gestures.

Anemone is a perfect summary of the themes that the two Brazilian designers love: as accumulation, concentration, disorder, spontaneous hybridization, all thems that find their roots in their native country, where the favelas are considered a real creative laboratory.


SWEET 27 by Gervasoni

chair sweet 27

This woven chair designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni is a concentrate of Orient. It's called Sweet 27 and is inspired by the traditional Filipino chairs. The designer, thanks to his sensibility, is able to capture the essence of the original prototype which is then modified under eclectic influences that transform the starting material in something different. The nature of comfortable and resistant chair remains unvaried but new materials replace the traditional ones: iron is chosen for the structure while a black rubber tube is used for the the plot. Tradition and modernity are alternated in this object where the memory of the past speaks the language of modernity.

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