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Storage beds: space saving ideas for bedrooms

Bed with storage's experts

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When we look for possible solutions to save space at home we think of wardrobes and boxes but we often forget to consider that beds can be a precious storage area. There are many types of storage beds, both king and individual, that you can open up, hold, lift according to your needs.

Let's focus on single beds with storage under mattress and let you see how many and what types of solutions you can take to optimize space at home, even in very small rooms.

Storage bed frame

A mini-guide to single storage beds

Storage bed frame

Among the various available models, there are lstorage beds with low and high frame. Naturally the difference between the different solutions stands in the size of the interior space and the storage capacity of the bed.

If you want to keep the bed off the floor (for example to facilitate cleaning under the bed), you can mount some feet tall under the bed. 

Bed with storage and extra pullaway bed

Storage bed with extra bed

For the most demanding, there is another solution: a storage bed with rollaway bed positioned under the storage area, for your unexpected guests, such as friends who stop for the night.

Two in one!

Bed with storage turns into double bed

Convertible bed with storage

If what you need is a single bed that turns into double bed, the solution you are looking for is a daybed withe and extra guest bed and drawers for storage as the one in the picture.
This mechanism allows you to pull out the second mattress from under the single bed, getting a double bed, without sacrificind the storage area.

Storage bed boxes

Bed with storage: pros and cons 

Once you have chosen the type of storage bed that meets your needs, you only have to choose the lining, and to complete it in accordance to your bedroom's style.

You will immediately realize that  placing a storage bed in a bedroom area gives great advantages: it allows to gain a very large storing space that otherwise would be lost.
As seen, the storage bed frame che be characterized by different heights according to the available space.

Pay atention: between the storage area and the bed base in a short time you will find a layer of dust.  To protect the clothes and the other things you stored, keep them in bags under vacuum, or in soft bed storage boxes.

This will make it possible to keep sheets and bed linen protected from dust, and cleaning your storage bed will be much easier.

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