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Timeless Wrought Iron Beds

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Who has not dreamed of sleeping in a romantic wrought iron bed at least once? We know that trends come and go. Iron beds were very popular during the 19th century, when American artisans were specialised in this art and their iron was supposed to be better than the European one. During the First World War iron was used mainly for the production of weapons, causing the stop of any other activities linked to this metal. Finally, during the second half of the 2'the century wrought iron beds appeared again in our homes, even if iron was soon replaced by more modern and lighter materials like aluminium. nowadays wrought iron beds are more and more popular, and more fashionable too. New ideas, new designs, new colours. Old and modern meet up and give light to marvellous creation that really make us dream.

Luxury beds by Ciacci

luxury wrought iron beds by ciacci

100% made in Italy productions  never disappoint. Ciacci has introduced some new wrought iron beds, a material that the company has been using for long time in the creation of luxury furniture. Amongst them are Astro and Memory: a spider and a molecule? Familiar shapes characterised by uniqueness and originality, are enriched with aesthetic significance and create an emotional impact. To begin and finish your day with joy.

Exotic Cairo Canopy Bed by Charles P. Rogers

 Cairo Canopy Wrought Iron  Bed by Charles P. Rogers

For the most nostalgic and for the lovers of exotic atmospheres Cairo Canopy Bed by Charles P. Rogers is the perfect choice. Reminding the canopy beds traditionally used in colonial hotels and residences in the four corners of the world, this hand-forged wrought iron bed has a distinctive "bell top" originally conceived to hang a mosquito netting.

The Hammock by Giusti Portos

hammock wrought iron bed

Original, bizarre or magical, choose the adjective you prefer for this definitely comfortable bed by the Italian Giusti Portos. But maybe bed is not the right word for this hammock with a curved wrought iron base and a soft cloth canopy.

A Tribute to Grapevine: Cabernet by Mangioni


cabernet wrought iron bed

Cabernet is an innovative project by Maggioni, expression of skill in the manual production of wrought iron. A magic bed whose voluptuous curves intersect freely with straight lines. Iron tendrils climb to the pinnacle lightly. Cabernet is a tribute to grapevine, the generous plant which offers us its sparkling nectar.

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