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Climbing Plants for Green Curtains

green curtains with creepers's experts

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Making a green curtain is easy and does not require any special tools while the result can be beautiful and poetic. Balconies and windows represent our interface with the world while we are at home. But sometimes the view we have can be disappointing or even offensive. Although the space around you is cosy and beautiful home, the surrounding landscape may appear dull or dingy: a station, a garage, ta building sites or some intrusive neighbours.

The elegance of nature (with its multiple solutions applied to architecture) can be a solution to the problem of an unpleasant landscape or reduce our exposure to the neighbourhood. A curtain made with creepers can redefine a new and green view (both from the inside and outside), transforming our window into a green and healthy curtain.

Although their simplicity and lightness, green curtains create a filter against the annoying noise from outside, like the buzz of air conditioners and create a screen that protects you from the strong sunlight in summer.

green curtains with creepers

How to make a green curtain

To create a beautiful green screen like the one in the picture you need the following elements, provided that the building has an adequate exposure:

  • fast growth creeping plants;a
  • plant racks with saucers of various sizes depending on the width of your balcony;
  • suitable soil for the plants chosen;
  • wire, twine, cordage.

Place the plant racks on the inner side of the balcony or along the threshold of the window. In March, plant the creepers (tropical plants grow faster). Now, it's time to fix the invisible structure that will support the plants: you can place a wand on the top of the window from which twines and wires will fall. The plants will grow faster in summer. Annual plants are recommended because in spring and summer they generously offer flowers while in winter they lose their leaves allowing the passage of sunlight. In the following season, you can renew the curtain and choose a new plant species: don't mix different plants in the same plant rack!

green curtains with creepers

The Rotation of Creepers

The most suitable plants for the creation of curtains are those twisting clockwise or counter-clockwise around the support. Charles Darwin studied the movements of creeper plants, showing how the presence of the sun delayed or hastened the rotational movements of climbing plants. The plants recommended for this purpose are, therefore, the autonomous ones that don't need to be tied or directed and without adventitious roots. For instance it is recommended the exotic plant of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae, a family including 500 species also called Morning Glories), in particular the Tricolour, Purple and Jucunda varieties. This plant grows up easily, requires exposure to hot and sun and in summer gets covered with beautiful funnel-shaped flowers that open in the morning and close in the evening. In addition to the Ipomoea, you can “weave” your curtains with other annual plants like the Cobaea Scandens.

green curtains with creepers

Green curtains are a brilliant idea to solve the problem of unpleasant views or to increase our privacy. In the Japanese town of Aichi, the building of the Prefecture has been covered with lush curtains made with different plants including pumpkins and beans rising from the first floor to the roof. The employees noticed that these curtains require easy maintenance and give a lot of benefits. Given the success of the initiative, the city has begun to promote green curtains and providing 23 kindergartens in the city with seeds and wires.


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