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Compost Bins to Make Your Garden Compost

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More and more attention is paid to household composting in the UK. Fortunately, an increasing number of people is understanding the importance of recycling biological waste in terms of ecological footprint and of economical opportunities as well.

Composting is that particular process by which it is possible to obtain 100% natural fertilizers of the highest quality through the decomposition of organic waste, food scraps and plants. This product is necessary for organic farming but it can also be a great help for our garden .

Consquentely, the models of compost bins available on the market are more and more varied and smart, tailored to every need:

  • indoor and outdoor

  • manual or automatic

  • for household of community composting.

Compost Bin

Biophyllic Compost Bin

This composting system, designed by Cold Solutions Inc., is named after the concept of biophilia, namely, the instinctive bond between human beings and other living things. Research has shown that 33 % of the waste material produced in offices is organic and therefore recyclable. After the process of decomposition, the fertilizer obtained can be used as fertilizer for growing plants inside offices. In this way we will create a healthier environment for all and give more oxygen to the place we work in.

Compost Bin

Bokashi Compost Bin

Bokashi is a Japanese word meaning "fermented organic material". This form of recycling is very popular in Eastern countries. This process consists of a stratification of organic waste within a particular cube and the fermentation is possible thanks to the addition of a special, the Bokashi mix, a mixture of microbiologically active wheat bran, which guarantees the absence of bad smells during the entire process of fermentation of waste. The liquid obtained can be used as a fertilizer for plants, while the solid residue can be mixed with the natural soil and used as cultivation topsoil.

Compost Bin

Can-O-Worms Composting Bin

This compost bin allows to get good quality compost through a simple process based solely on the contribution of earthworms. This worm compost bin is completely and the deposits obtained are extremely rich in nutrients and therefore an essential fertilizer for plant growth.

Compost Bin

Worm Wigwam Composter

This composting system, as the one above, is based on the precious help of earthworms. It was designed for large amounts of organic waste and to compost in a relatively short time. The organic material is deposited on top of the containers, where it is processed and decomposed by our friends worms. Subsequently with the lever on the bottom of the box will get a lot of compost , however , lacks the worms. This device saves a lot of time in the process of creating compost.

Compost Bin

NatureMill compost Bin

If you're short on ideas for a gift this useful object can be perfect for you: slim, and compact this bin can be stored in a kitchen cupboard or in a sheltered corner of the balcony. It is totally odourless and allows to create a rich blend of good nutrients for our plants.

Compost Bin

Circular Composter

The Envirocycle composter has an original and innovative design. In fact, thanks to its circular shape it is very easy to handle and with a simple gesture you can make it "roll" to the exact point of the garden where you need to use your compost. In 4/6 weeks you get a high-quality fertilizer ready to be used .  

Compost Bin

Kitchen Composting Bin

These small containers are designed for household composting projects. Space saving and easy to clean, these containers can provide good compost in about seven / eight days. Thanks to its compact size it is perfect to be stored in the kitchen and by using a carbon filter odours can be under control.

Compost Bin

The Worm Inn

The Worm Inn is a bag specially designed for warm composting. The device is extremely essential and is made up of a fabric bag supported by a PVC frame. The principle is quite simple: the worms feed on the organic material that is deposited inside the bag and by moving towards the bag's top they contribute to move the compost produced towards the bottom of the bag. Once the process will be completely exhausted the bag can be easily washed and cleaned.

Compost Bin

Earth Tub Community Composter

This community composter is designed primarily for schools, universities, supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals. The generous dimensions allow to treat a large amount of waste that can be entered through the upper wide door. With the help of a rotating cover, the mixture of organic waste is continuously mixed and the entrance of the correct amount of air is ensured.

Compost Bin

JoraKompost 5100

Another collective compost bin, present in the markets of northern Europe for more than a decade. JK100 ensure the best results in terms of absolute hygiene.

And remember that if you like DIY, you can build your plastic or wooden compost bin.

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