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Fashionable Garden Chairs: Long Life to Vintage!

Vintage Garden chairs's experts

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The taste of British people for garden furniture and design is unique and therefore admired all over the world. Today, there are millions of possibilities and materials to choose from to decorate your garden or backyard. Classic, modern, ethnic or vintage! Chairs that we used to see in old movies from the 50s, 60s, or 70s are coming back and increasingly appearing in our gardens, in their original form or dressed with a new look. But still vintage.


All the Colours of Solair

Solair Vintage Garden Chair

Light and innovative at that time, Solair is the garden chair created by the designer Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini in Montreal in1972. This idea rose in a context of great development in Canada, made possible thanks to the Expo '67, and powered by the nationalist fervour of the centennial of the country: the two young men were recruited by the Saint-Damien industries, in Quebec, and charged of developing a new concept of chair: comfortable and elegant, suitable for both internal and external use. Using the new technology of plastic moulding injection and a steel frame, the chair was designed in a weekend. Since 1989, the chair has been continuously produced and distributed by Emile Lachance Ltée Industries. Widely sold in the 70's decade, especially in Canada and on the East Coast of the United States, the chair became even the icon of motels in that areas. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, Solair, with its simple lines and its practicality, continues to have great appeal and and has even been exhibited by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, reminding us of its emblematic role in Canadian culture.


The Glamour of Acapulco

Acapulco Vintage Garden Chair

In the 1950s and '60s, Acapulco became a hot destination for Holliwood stars. Ads for airlines and other advertising period depict a city glamour and fun.

Legend has it that a French tourist visiting Acapulco in the 50's, sitting in the hot sun of Mexico on an uncomfortable chair decided to create a chair inspired by the traditional Mayan weaving technique for hammocks, extremely popular in that area. This was the birth of Acapulco chair, the perfect chair for the tropics. Maybe this is just a legend but as matter of fact the Acapulco chair was immediately produced, and quickly became popular in Mexico. Made using vinyl ropes in bright colours braided on a lightweight metal frame, the Acapulco chair has been widely used in gardens and outdoor spaces.

Lately, designers have produced some variations on the original Acapulco theme: round versions, leather versions etc.. In all its facets, the Acapulco chair retains its roots and its distinctive features, still being the emblem of tropical modernism and Hollywood glamour.


The Elegance of Re-Trouvé

Re-Trouvé Garden Furniture Collection

Re-Trouvé is a collection of metal furniture evoking the glorious Fifties. A nostalgic reminder of the past, interpreted with extreme good taste and irony by designer Patricia Urquiola and produced by EMU. The collection consists of chairs, tables and planters of metal made using the latest technology. It is available in white, black, yellow, blue, purple and orange. 34% of the material used for the production of Re-Trouvé is recycled. Good for your garden and for nature!


Nook, Ropes and Memories

Nook Garden Chair

Nook is a work of the Australian designer Henry Sgourakis. As the designer told, this extravagant armchair was born remembering the afternoons of his childhood spent in his grandmother's house, a beautiful house painted in the popular colours of the 50s. The Nook chair is therefore the result of the emotions and memories of a time when life was simple and based on natural things, when life meant to meet basic needs.

These emotions have been translated by Sgourakis in more than fifty meters of rope braided by hand and able to withstand adverse weather conditions for long periods of time; a huge umbilical cord that completely covers the metal frame of the chair. Nook is accompanied by a footrest made with the same technique.

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