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3 tools to save energy at home

Wonderbag to save energy in the kitchen's experts

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Cooking is a beautiful art and if you can do it saving energy and money it is even better. Can you image how much energy we waste preparing a pasta, a soup or a dessert? Well, surely yes since every month we receive incredible high bills! Therefore, saving while cooking is an issue concerning all those spending a certain time around the stoves, from top chefs to expert housewives.

Therefore the new frontier or research in this field has been allowing people to cook even when energy is not enough. And to do this, it has been sufficient to look at what people used to do when stoves and kitchens were only a far dream. That means, taking advantage of the hot and the cold to save on the price of electricity and gas. Just as our ancestral used to do. And by doing so, the preparation of food in developing countries will be much simpler and safe as well.

Wonderbag to save energy in the kitchen

One answer might come from Wonderbag, "a recipe for change" - as stated on the official website - invented by Sarah Collins. Wonderbag has been created for all those people who need to cook in places where electricity and gas are a luxury. Basically, it is a bag that can keep the heat in a saucepan previously heated on fire. In this way, the cooking proceeds slowly and without the use of energy sources.  Available in two sizes and in various colours, this circular bag will be the perfect solution to facilitate cooking in those villages that still use the heat of combustion of wood for cooking food.
The bag is able to thermally isolate the pot that the food inside the pot you place in the bag keeps cooking for hours. After cooking on traditional stove for five minutes, the pot is ready to be put into the bag, paying attention that is is tightly closed. It is extremely useful for those recipes that require long cooking time (such as sauces, soups or rice), but also to  keep take away food warm. The cost of Wonderbag is around $ 122.

Charging mobile with a coffee: onEpuck

Another answer comes from Epiphany, a company active in the production of solar panels, which studied another ingenious way to use heat (or cold) and launched onEPuck, a plate where you place a steaming cup of milk or coffee, and which is able to "absorb" the heat released from the drink and turn it into electricity. Thanks to an USB socket at the base of the plate, the energy can be sent to mobile phones, tablets, or any other instrument. onEpuck should cost $ 150.

PowerPot follows the same mechanism: a cooking pot producing energy, very useful for camping and for all situations where there is a gas stove. Even in this case, the system uses the heat released but the food inside the pot to generate enough energy to recharge small devices. The price of PowerPot is $149.

Looking at the past to improve our future!

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