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Enjoying Home Theater with Sound Surround Speakers

Home theater surround sound's experts

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Surround sound is the highest expression of sound reproduction, enhancing the experience of watching movies and television programs feeling like in a cinema, allowing you to perceive the sound details and the environmental effects realistically: drizzling, creaking doors, footsteps, violent impacts and so on. Action and horror movies get even more evocative and thrilling! It is no longer just the image to dazzle your senses but also the deep enchanting sound.

Nowadays, the two main audio formats used in home systems are Dolby Digital Surround (DDS) and Digital Theatre System (DTS), commonly considered "rivals" to each other but actually differing. As to the result, hardly even an expert ear may recognize the actual difference. What really matters is that high-definition TV and DVD-DivX players are compatible with these formats. If so, provided that the programme you are watching has got a DTS or DDS sound, you can connect a home theatre system to your TV and enjoy your movie.

The most popular home theatre system is the 5.1. In other words (5 stands for the number of speakers and 1 for the presence of the sub-woofer) but someone prefers the 6.1 (with an extra speaker).


home theater system

In a home theatre system the position of each element is essential to get optimal results. Obviously, depending on the availability of space, there may be some variations but basically some rules must be respected. I know that many of you won't agree with the fact of having this speaking parallelepipeds in the middle of the room but placing them in a corner of on the wall wouldn't produce the same effects.

Front speakers

There are two front speakers and they should be placed next to the TV, on the ground or on pedestals depending on the models. Anyway, it is better if they are at least 20 inches far from the wall. These speakers are used for the reproduction of the musical parts of a movie and of off-screen effects.

Centre channel speaker

It must be located below the television. It partially reproduces soundtracks but also dialogues.

Surround speakers

They must be placed behind the viewer, at least at 40 inches from the viewer and with a 45° inclination. They are dedicated to special effects, sounds and noises, especially in action movies.


It reproduces the frequencies lower than 50 Hz (LFE - Low Frequency Effects). This item does not have a privileged position but usually you can see it behind the sofa or next to the TV. The subwoofer is probably the biggest element of a home theatre system To try to camouflage or integrate it in the room as much as possible, you might build a wooden frame to place in front of it so that it that looks like part of the furniture.

home theatee speakers'position

If you don't know how to choose your system, consider that apart from offering high performances, it must be simple and functional. Some details that you may consider irrelevant are very important. The top brands? Bose, Sony, Philips and Samsung are among the most renowend in this field.

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