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Innovative Fireplaces

TV-fireplce Scenario, by MCZ and Loewe's experts

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TV and fireplace together. Can you believe it? Well, nowadays it is possible thanks to the collaboration between MCZ (specialized in the production of fireplaces and stoves) and Loewe (one of the largest companies in the home entertainment market), both always trying to create products combining functionality with design. This union gave birth to the first fireplace with integrated LCD TV, or the first TV with built-in fireplace, as you prefer.

This is the first product of its kind on the European market, this project was also made possible by s the support of the industrial design consultancy Design Emo, that previously collaborated with Jacuzzi, Philips and Siemens Audiology.

Scenario (main picture), this is how they called the TV- fireplace, is a trove of technology, both in terms of design and materials. In fact it has got an internal structure that allows the complete thermal insulation between the two units. The result is truly impressive. Of course, you must have a beautiful wall and a spacious and adequate room.

fireplace by Vauni

Vauni is a Swedish company specialized in the production of fireplaces that are real pieces of furniture. The great innovation of Vauni lies in having created fireplaces that do not require a chimney and that do not burn wood but bioethanol.

So, the fireplace becomes a piece of furniture that can decorate your home with modern lines and the fire itself becomes a decoration element.

Cupola is a fireplace with hemispherical shape, made of aluminium and available in white and black. Thanks to its light weight it can be easily hanged on the wall just like a TV or a painting. But if you don't like it you can opt for the floor versions: Globe, which presents a spherical shape able to rotate 360 degrees around the pedestal and available in two different heights. Both models are coated with cast iron or granite and are available in two colours: white and black.

Withe their modern lines, Vauni fireplaces are wonderful pieces of design suitable for any room in your home.

Acquaefuoco bioethanol fireplace

ACQUAEFUOCO is another important name in the market of fireplaces and it has got an important mission: to create objects that, in addition to their function, provide intense emotions and create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and relax in any place. At the base of its collection there are water and fire, the two elements of nature which according two the universal significance are the beginning of life for everything. and the sharing of a lens is the idea and the company's mission. Enthusiasm is contagious, and the meeting with the architect Mario Mazzer has produced a collection characterized by excellent design and functions. The bioethanol fireplaces by ACQUAEFUOCO do not require a chimney, are not connected to the electrical system, are not connected to the gas system, do not produce smoke and ash, do not leave unpleasant smells, do not release fine particles. Simple to install, ACQUAEFUOCO fireplaces are suitable for any environment, inside and outside, working in harmony with man and nature.

Acquaefuoco bioethanol fireplace
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