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Solaris Pop: a mini PV energy production unit

Solaris Pop solar panel by Ren Factory's experts

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Photovoltaic panels are more and more popular but for those who don't have the chance to buy some due to the still quite high costs, it has just arrived from Italy a revolutionary tool: it is called Solaris POP and is a transportable solar panel that does not need any particular installation. It is enough to connect it directly to the electrical system of your home, and it will be possible to get electricity from the sun's energy. Produced by Ren Factory.

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This new photovoltaic panel that you can install in your balcony or terrace promises to drastically reduce the cost of energy bills, also removing some fixed home costs.
Easy to use, the mini-generator Solaris simply needs to be connected to your home network to produce alternating current at 230 volts, the standard of our homes. The novelty of this tool is that it is immediately usable in any home provided with a power socket.
In order to use the Solaris panel there is no need for any authorization by your energy provider or the municipality, thanks to its simple characteristics. As a matter of fact, Solaris POP can be connected to the home's mains by simply inserting a plug into a standard single phase. And of course, you can disconnect it whenever you want by pulling the plug out.
Solaris POP, thanks to a built-in innovative technology manages to convert the solar energy into electrical energy and makes it immediately usable in your home. It is 100 % safe and can be easily transported.

Solaris Pop solar panel by Ren Factory

According to the manufacturer, the system allows you to reset the fixed housing costs for the following reason: the panel's energy production is sufficient to meet the needs of an average household during daylight hours when the house is not populated but is still wasting energy. Solaris POP is available in several colours: yellow (POP Sunny) , blue ( POP Jeans), green and red.
The panel is not bulky as it is about a 3,3 ft long and 3 ft wide. Its surface absorption is 11². It weighs about 40 pounds and is made of galvanized steel. Its nominal power is 160 Wp.

As usual, it is required an initial inversion that is amortized over a few years anyway: the price of  Solaris Pop panel is 545 € + 10% reduced VAT (about 450 GBP). Moreover, Solaris POP may be subject to tax deductions, depending on each community. To get the panel is sufficient to call the company Ren Factory  at ( +39 ) 049 80 71 385.
POP Solaris generator is already commercially available in the basic version terrace/garden, but  new versions are expected by next June.

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