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TV Technologies: LCD or Plasma Televisions?

lcd or plasma tv's experts

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How difficult it is choosing the right TV! Although nowadays almost all TV models support high definition, deciding amongst the various available technologies is not so easy.

Disappeared the CRT technology, there are two competing possibilities that buyers should analyse when choosing their new TV: Plasma TVs and LCD TVs with LED lighting.

Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let us consider some parameters that will help us to have a clear picture of the TV world and to understand what is the right TV for a specific type of user. Because that doesn't go without saying that what is the perfect TV for me is perfect for another person as well.

lcd tv and plasma tv

Brightness is an important value in general, but it is essential for those who use to watch television during the day, when the sunlight is strong. In this case TVs with LED technology are more recommendable than plasma TVs.

Another parameter to consider is the contrast: the higher the contrast the sharper the image. In this case, Plasma TV is the best option.

Anyway, sharp and brilliant images force you to sit right in front of the screen so that the viewing angle has its importance. In this case, the best performance is offered by Plasma solutions, while both LCD technologies offer low quality images if you are sitting at the sides of the screen.

The characteristics described above are not the only ones to be considered before a purchase. What about Full HD technology? Full HD means the ability to use a 1080p signal, which is the highest resolution currently available on the commercial market. In other words, nature documentaries and sport events will get an extra value.

full hd tv

If you have children, you might be interested in 3D technology but do not forget that a 3D TV can be very expensive!

Finally, the extra functionalities. The first is the possibility to surf the web, to watch movies in streaming, to make video calls and to chat. Maybe the last two activities are not essential but watching movies directly on the web is more and more common.

The second extra is the possibility to connect your TV to the audio system, the Blue-Ray and DVD player, and to your PC, wireless. You will save space and won't see those hateful wires and cables on the floor.

Finally, I had a look at some specialised websites looking for the best TVs of last year. The winners seem to be the Samsung UN55ES7500 for the category of LCD televisions and the Panasonic TC-PST50 amongst Plasma TVs.

But I'm sure that apart from all the nice aspects analysed above, what people look at is the price.

Plasma TVs offer a good relationship between the price and the size of the screen, while those with LED lighting are quite expensive even if they will definitely allow you to save on the bill.

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