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Hi-tech household appliances by Whirpool's experts

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An important brand like Whirlpool, the giant American manufacturer of household appliances (particularly appreciated for its washers and hot tubs) certainly could not miss an important event as the the Milan Furniture Fair 2014, where it was present in both the Eurocucina pavilion and in the Fuorisalone, in the latter with an exhibition showing off its innovations in terms of technology and design.

 whirlpool household appliances

Inspiration and main tag of the brand has been the principle of “Life in Touch”, three words expressing the concept of connectivity and automation animated by a simple touch. A touch able to give life to human household appliances through an app downloaded on your smartphone. Thus, the innovation of remote commands is combined with the hi-tech home appliances produced.

Whirlpool has proved on this occasion a to be a strongly consumer oriented brand, able to cope with the users' demand. In fact, Whirlpool has always developed its production according to the study and research of what happens in the lifestyle in our society, of the changes occurring in people's habits, therefore elaborating new concepts and products.

Corresponding to the six lifestyles analysed, Whirlpool created 6 collections and concepts: "Inspired by my life", reflecting the users' desire to express their personality and make their home dimension unique and special, "Nomadic Life", revealing a more nomadic life and constantly on the move, "Shared me life", a world in which people want to share be connected to each other, "Tetris Life" where, as in the famous video game, daily life has become a game of joints that require a "hyper organization"of space and time. Then is “Conscious Life" for those looking for a more environmentally conscious and green lifestyle, and finally "Seamless Life" which refers to the new mobile devices and digital systems offering the possibility to manage tasks with less effort and without wasting time.

Power Clean Power Dry Dishwasher

Some examples? The newest induction oven, which reduces the cooking time and implements energy saving. Or the new generation of water mixer taps with LED light, allowing you to know always the water temperature. Or the Power Clean Power Dry technology in dishwashers, which uses powerful jets from the back for a deeper cleaning of dishes and pots and pans. And what about the 6th Sense Fresh Control? It is the only technology with total electronic control of the temperature and the humidity in the fridge to keep food fresh up to 4 times longer.

Whirlpool has also partnered with Jannelli & Volpi in the Atelier series, a new collection of "clothes" for refrigerators and freezers (main picture). It is a series of relief panels inspired by the most exclusive wallpaper of the Milanese brand founded in the '60s, able to renew the surfaces of stainless steel with new graphics and textures.

So, with an eye also to the fashion, technology aspires to look less cold and closer to the needs of each user. Even of the most stylish ones!

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