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The New Generation of Refrigerators

mastercool fridge by miele's experts

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I'm sure that everybody dreams to have fresh food, meat, fruit and vegetables every morning. If this was possible, we wouldn't need fridges in our homes. But unfortunately it's an almost impossible dream, especially for those who live in big cities and who are bound to buying huge stocks of food since next time they go to the supermarket will be in a couple of weeks. Therefore technology intervenes giving birth to huge fridges able to contain all our supplies and to ensure us freshness and quality, without renouncing to design.



The refrigerator "absolute black" GNE35720P from Beko combines the elegance of design with energy saving. It belongs to the energy efficiency class A + and on the double door is placed an advanced digital display ensuring optimal control of the fridge. The doors have an automatic closing that thanks to a special sensors advices you with both visual and audible signals if you leave them jar. Furthermore, the ionizer neutralizes active bacteria and particles that can cause bad odours, ensuring hygiene and freshness of food.


Whirlpool  Double Door 6th Sense Fresh Green Generation Control

Whirlpool turns ecological. Its new Combined refrigerators and Double Door 6th Sense Fresh Green Generation Control offer the best performance of food conservation, while ensuring more energy efficiency. As a matter of fact they allow you to keep food in your fridge 4 times longer than a traditional refrigerator and this thanks to three technologies: the special sensors 6° SENSE (Fresh Control Sensor, that is able to detect the temperature and to control indoor humidity, adapting these values in order to create the optimal conditions for food storage; MULTIFLOW, which provides more uniform cooling and temperature inside the refrigerator to avoid the formation of frost;NO-FROST system in freezer. The energy class A + + determines an energy saving of 30% if compared with A + appliances and up to 45% if compared with those of class A. Energy efficiency is also allowed by the interior LED lighting system.

bosch vitafresh refrigerator

Bosch has always been committed to improving the quality of life. Its last creation is VitaFresh, a technology used in the latest generation of refrigerators, which keeps food fresh maintaining all its organoleptic properties and vitamins unaltered. The VitaFresh Zone mus be used to store more perishable foods, such as vegetables that, thanks to the right temperature can retain their freshness 3 times longer. In fact, the humidity control and a constant temperature maintained at 0° C slow down the biological processes of food. The new frontier of Bosch is to cope with the needs of those who wish to eat properly, taking maximum advantage of the nutritional properties of food. Fully equipped, technologically advanced and with maximum energy efficiency class A++, Cool Professional refrigerators adapt to the design of any kitchen

rex refrigerators

Rex 70 cm wide Freezers belong to the energy efficiency class A+ and almost all are equipped with the Frost Free and Dynamic Taste Guard technology, that means maximum functionality and reliability in terms of food conservation. An elegant line of freezers available in different colours and versions, including the model with antifingerprint stainless steel doors, a 440 litre capacity and a large LCD on the door.

The low levels of energy consumption have been achieved thanks to the high efficiency compressors but also to increased insulation of the walls. But the real environmentally friendly news by Rex is that refrigerators use natural gases (such as R600a and cyclopentane) that do not affect our planet.

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