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Robot Vacuum Cleaner: how does it work?

Innovative Robot which clean our floors in complete autonomy's experts

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By now appliances shops windows and supermarket shelves are full of these robots shaped as a space ship which should perfectly remove dust from our houses. Robot vacuum cleaner, robot floor cleaner...
Do they really work?
Actually they don't have the same suction capacity and performances of traditional models, although they are more powerful.
However, we have to say that those little robot vacuum cleaners represent a real advantage for people affected by mobility diseases or for people who have a hectic life: it could be comforting knowing that someone is taking care of our own home, while we are accompanying children to school! The maintenance of those little domestic robots is quite simple. Every so often it is necessary to substitute filters and brushes, while the dust container needs to be emptied after each use, verifying that there aren't trapped residues which could impede robot performances. In fact it's a bagless vacuum cleaner. Generally they have a battery autonomy and when they passed it they return to make a full of energy without any need of human intervention.

Innovative Robot which clean our floors in complete autonomy

Robot vacuum cleaner prices obviously vary depending on special characteristics, technology or accessories of each model. Various robots present on the market differentiate themselves from the recharge time and from autonomy duration but also from dust container dimensions. According to the opinion of experts of countries in which robots appeared earlier than in Italy, one of the best products on the market is Mint by Evolution Robotics. But if you are determined to buy one of it, make a good evaluation of all the available options according to your necessities. For example, they seem to be really appreciated:

  • Roomba by iRobot (from £181 online)
  • Samsung Navibot (from £318 online)

First of all, it is necessary to decide if you are searching for a robot vacuum cleaner only to clean your hard floors, or if you prefer a higher cost robot but able to pass and remove dust also from your carpets, maybe equipped of programming starting system and sensors to reveal filth: in this case you will see it hesitating a longer time when a deeper cleaning could be necessary.
Many robot vacuum cleaner pass from the tile to the carpet without any problem and if they bump into a step border they start to rotate around themselves but they don't fall down the stairs.

Innovative Robot which clean our floors in complete autonomy

In any case it's always better to pick up some possible newspapers, toys and other objects of small dimensions that could be on the floor, before starting the robot and above all you have to make sure that there are no tense cables or threads that could impede the way.
But will your robot vacuum cleaner be so clever even to recognise a forgotten corner of your home? Maybe this is not possible yet.

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