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Using Tumble Dryers Properly

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The tumble dryer is a useful or even indispensable appliance in a rainy area like the UK. And even in summer, if you don't have enough space for hanging your clothes to dry it is absolutely of primary importance. Furthermore, clothes dried in a tumble dryer are very soft to the touch since the machine removes limescale from the water) and less wrinkled, so that you don't need to iron them, saving money, energy and time.

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How tumble Dryers Work

In practice the dryer removes the residual moisture from the laundry and expels it as steam or water. This depends on whether you choose a vented or a condenser tumble dryer. In the first case, the moisture extracted from the laundry is expelled from the machine outside in the form of steam, to be evacuated through a hose; instead, in the second case the steam is transformed into water and this poured out by means of a drain or collected in a removable tray, to be emptied at the end of the drying cycle. The resulting water is distilled, and can therefore be used for ironing.

There is a third type of tumble dryer, that is variant of the condensing model, called heat pump dryer, which recycles the residual heat, allowing a considerable saving of energy.

Depending on the available space, you can choose a dryer or a washer-dryer, bearing in mind that the second one is a good option to save space but does not allow to dry the same loud of clothes you wash. Therefore, after washing the laundry, you will have to divide it into more parts, wasting more time.

Tumble Dryers Programs

Regarding the programs, the basic ones allow to obtain clothes ready to be ironed (the laundry is left slightly damp to facilitate ironing) or ready to be stored in your closet (clothes are perfectly dried). However, there are models of dryers offering numerous other programs according to the type of laundry such as programs for wool, for jeans and so on.

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Some tips

At the time of the purchase, it is important to check on the energy label that is mandatory by law and the must report some important information: the efficiency class A, energy consumption, load capacity and noise (expressed in decibels).

Here are some useful tips for a correct use of the tumble dryer:

  • the electric power absorbed by the machine requires a unique socket, so avoid multiple sockets;
  • do not turn on the machine with wet hands or bare feet;
  • be sure that the clothes you put in the dryer have been centrifuged at 800 rpm, and that expelled as much water as possible;
  • do not put light and heavy clothes in the same cycle so as to increase the efficiency and reduce the consumption;
  • use the dryer only with a full load but avoid overloading it;
  • always keep the filters clean and when not in use leave the dryer's door open. If you don't use it for a long period pull the plug off;
  • in case of expulsion dryers, it is suggested to avoid the steam remaining in the room as it would be absorbed again by the machine, with a consequent higher consumption of energy and time.
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