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A simple pillow can change the whole feel of a room in the blink of an eye. It can be placed on a chair, on a new sofa, on a traditional wrought iron bed or even directly on the ground, and let’s see how the decoration of the entire house takes on a whole new dimension!
Nowadays, you can find a wide range of cushions of all styles in many stores... square, round, rectangular or colourful, design, classical and at all prices. For example, you can choose your new cushions by combining them with curtains that dress your windows, bringing a personal touch to your interior. You will see that the choice is really vast!
From your trustworthy haberdashery, you can also choose modern fabrics, to decline in all styles, to dress up your interior with the softness of embroidered velvet or an ottoman in microfibre.

Muusa cushions

The preciousness of a good cushion in winter or during the holidays

To stop shivering cold on the couch, or risking having frozen toes in the long evenings spent watching TV, we transformed the house into winter mode with a lot of throws, including, once again, some cushions.
The new collection of “Au Chaud” cushions, made in quality fabrics by the Paris-based company Muusa, is specifically designed to warm up the couch during the winter. These cushions are made even more precious by the many original designs devised by the author and all Scandinavian-inspired materials of high quality, with the imprint of their talented Swedish designer Kristin McVeigh, a young architect who studied at the prestigious Inchbald School of Architectural Interior Design in London, which reveals a very different picture of our conventional idea of cold from her native land. In fact, they are unusual cushions that can be really a sweet idea despite the cold north they could inspire.
If you are looking instead at thick cushions for the winter or silky cushions to cover your couch to create a fabulous atmosphere, the new Haute Couture Collection of decorative pillows created by Madura can really suit you. Cushions for large, glittering opportunities are also made in poplin and felt in various colours, and they are padded with foam and decorated with some ribbons or a geometric outline.

The convenience of a classic sofa cushion

Sofa cushions are essential accessories for interior and exterior decoration, there are of all sizes:

  • 40 x40 cm (most common size)
  • 45 x 45 cm
  • 35 x50 cm
  • 30x 40cm



  • square
  • rectangular
  • round
  • pyramidal

and styles.

sofa cushions

Round cushions, for example, are great to comfortably read under the shade of an umbrella or be just sitting at a lunch in the garden, but also to dress your bed or sofa.
You can choose between a single cushion for a more refined style and a warm and comfortable style. Removable cushions are ideal for maintenance, and able to change according to the trend and cover all tastes.
Sofa cushions are practical, decorative objects that are increasingly returning to centre stage in any apartment. They come with a square or rectangular shape, they are generally small and their manufacturing can be easy.

sofa cushions

In fact, you can always make your own sofa cushions because they are not too complicated to put together. The main steps that need to be taken into consideration when making your own cushion, are taking the correct measurements and having the right equipment and fabric to quickly complete the job. You need to have good pair of scissors, a needle, pins, ruler, tape measure, paper to draw the pattern on, a marking pen or tailor’s chalk and fabric cushion, and thread to match your fabric. After that, you can pad it out with synthetic fibre, such as duvets or foam cushion. The latter can be really soft pillows, and do not come back so much. It is found mainly in fabric stores and large retail hobby stores. If you do not use foam, provide an opening system, such as pressure or buttons. If the cushions are going to have a zipper, so they can be removed for washing, you will need to purchase one zipper for each cushion and good quality cotton for stitching them together. If you choose to sew them by completing the zipper section first, then stitch this and the side panels to the bottom and sew the side and back panel ends together, open the zipper, stitch the top panel on, and finally turn the whole piece inside out through the open zipper. It would be a good thing to avoid using a fabric that frays, choosing instead an opaque, slightly  thick fabric for a better grip.

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