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Non Allergic Carpets

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We know that in the UK almost every house has got a carpet but imagine how annoying it must be for an allergic person living or even spending a few minutes in a house with a carpeted floor. Allergies are more and more diffused, especially amongst babies and children. According to a survey, one baby out of four has allergy problems and 85% of people suffer from asthma. For these people even the presence of a plush in the bedroom may be a serious problem. Definitely carpets are not recommended to allergic people, especially if you consider that 200,000 dust mites can live in a square metre of carpet, and these invisible beings, together with moulds and mildews, are the culprits since they produce the accused enzyme. Anyway, whether you are allergic or not, better to be cautious and to take advantage of modern technologies. A partial solution has been found with the invention of hypoallergenic materials, able to reduce the risk of allergy, and used in the production of plushes, clothes an carpets.

pure wool for carpets

Carpets are often made of various synthetic fibres that include acrylic, polypropylene, a recyclable material, called "synthetic wool" in the field of carpet production and considered as the perfect fibre for a carpet, viscose, a partially synthetic fibre, produced from cellulose. Nevertheless, they are not suggested to those who suffer from allergy and fortunately the increasing attention to nature and health is making so that also natural fibres are being used more and more in carpets: wool, cotton, linen and silk.

Among these fibres the place of honour surely goes to wool, prestigious and expensive but also appreciated for its softness and strength. Wool is able to retain the dust and dirt circulating in the air, thus keeping the environment cleaner. It is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, and it hinders bacteria that might develop in moist environments. Spills are also easily managed, as wool repels spills, giving you time to blot clean. Further advantages of wool are that it is a thermal insulator and fireproof. In cold environments, wool seems to be perfect, unless you are allergic to it!

flecto carpet tiles

The Danish company Flecto and the famous designer Philippe Starck have created the innovative collection Flecto Carpet Tiles, eco-friendly and non-allergenic carpets, made with a great attention to the materials used and to the environmental impact. These carpets are produced without PVC and bitumen and designed to be used in different environments, from private homes to offices. Their main feature is that you can choose among a wide range of squares of different colours, but also icons, logos, graphics, symbols, and textures and put them together creating thousands of possible combinations.

vorwerk carpet

Vorwerk carpets are certified as anti-allergy. According to some recent tests a room fitted with a Vorwerk carpet has 50% less fine dust in the atmosphere compared to the same room with hard flooring. Bisam Effect by Vorwerk is a velour carpet with anti-allergy properties. The high-quality pearl velour and and fine, smooth velours create a luxurious texture and a silky-gloss effect. It is produced in 22 elegant nuances.

equinox antimicrobial carpets

Nowadays, most of carpet companies have an “antimicrobial” line. These carpets are generally subject to an antimicrobial treatment that ensures the reduction of 99.99% in the presence of harmful micro-organisms including dust mites and other bacteria.

The Equinox Collection by Danfloor is manufactured using the Prism™ fibre. It is yarn fibre able to deliver purity in colour combined with light refraction properties and able to prevent from electrical charges. The Equinox collection includes mædical™, an antimicrobial yarn treatment that kills the micro-organisms as they come into contact with the fibre. mædical™ doesn’t lose strength over time.

nook hyp-allergenic carpet

If your home is not completely carpeted, then you might wish to buy a smaller carpet for your bedroom or for your baby's room.

Nook is the hypo-allergenic carpet designed for children's rooms or for the other areas of the house where children play. Produced by LilyPad, it is designed in order to allow children to play with and on it, without the fear of allergies. It's round, soft and very comfortable. It' produced in three colours: orange, pink and pistachio green. Nook is made of organic cotton and eucalyptus, natural and breathable materials and it's machine washable.

Kiddy Wool carpet collection

Ocean Wonderland is part of the the Kiddy Wool collection. A series of hypoallergenic pure wool hand-tufted carpets. Designed in collaboration with a renowned British designer, this bright and colourful carpet seems to come out of a fairy tale giving a touch of magic to your children's bedroom.

Needless to say that carpets must be constantly kept cleaned: it is recommended to vacuum them regularly and apply a specific cleaner. One of the most efficient ones is Dificil-S, a powerful disinfectant to be used on carpets as well as on mattresses and pillows.

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