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Special Cutlery for a Special Table

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Setting a table following the etiquette is not really easy. It is so hard to remember if the fork stands at the left or at the right of the plate! Here some tips to set your table properly when you have special guests. And if you do it with hirony, success is ensured!

Some Tips to Set Your Tabl

how to set the table

A cutlery set normally includes a number of elements that is usually for 6, 12 or 24 people. Every set traditionally includes seven pieces:

  • knife and fork;
  • fruit and dessert knife, spoon and fork.
  • soup spoon;
  • teaspoon.

In the most classical services there are even sets of ten pieces including:

  • fork and knife for fish;
  • coffee spoon.

And the list might be even longer since you might include other utensils for cooking and for serving the dishes such as kitchen knives, forks for pasta, ladles and so on.

You can find cutlery in various materials. The most common one is made with stainless steel that does not get rusty unlike silver plate. The best quality is called 18/10 because it contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel which ensures its brilliance.

However, nowadays more and more designers are creating real works of art able to give personality to our kitchens. Coloured handles in plastic or wood, unusual shapes, modern materials such as silicon and so on.

no pause nylon cutlery

No Pause (picture above) by Gio Tirotto really looks like a DIY set of tools. The knife looks like a saw, the fork's handle a screwdriver, and the curve of the spoon and its neck suggest a mason's trowel.

The project is still a prototype waiting to be produced. Made of nylon, it does not break, and the handles seem to be really ergonomic. The philosophy standing behind the design of this cutlery is that the shape can increase the fluidity between irony and etiquette, harmonizing imagination and function. We have to work to build up our future and make our dreams come true, and “sculpting” dreams doesn't admit breaks.

Another consideration arising from the view of this project is about the contemporary world, where we may not have more time to "lay the tools" during our lunch break? Anyway, for the lovers of DIY it is definitely a fun idea.

pandora cutlery

With the aim of giving to the contemporary table a new ephemeral aspects without forgetting high quality, Pandora Design has created De Luxe. This collection ironically revisits the idea of classical mise en place: can you remember the shape and decoration of the silver service that was in our granny's kitchen? Now, imagine that same cutlery but in colourful plastic. Designed by Donata Paruccini and Fabio Bortolani, the set includes fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon and will give a touch of refinement even to the most informal lunch or picnic on the lawn. Available in different colours, De Luxe is 100% recyclable and washable in the dishwasher.

colombina stainless steel  cutlery

The big project developed by Alessi and Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Colombina Collection, deals with skills and creativity the theme of the table as a whole, with the aim to change the classical codes into more more contemporary and forceful. Together with the full set of dishes and glasses, is a cutlery service in stainless steel 18/10, for those who love elegance and design on their table. Sharp and squared the handle, curved and rounded the top that will get in contact with the food, for an overall effect of great energy.

children cutlery

Last but not least, there is In Guardia, the collection designed by Massimo and Lorenza Bozzoli dadicated to children, made of thermoplastic resin and available in fuchsia or green. Their base has been designed to stand vertically, creating an innovative way to set the table of our children. Both for their ergonomic shape and for their soft material, they become easy to grip, making eating a game. For the first time in the world of children, Alessi enters the difficult and delicate world of children, with the support of the Reggio Children organization as a educational and cultural consultant.

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