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B&W Chandelier by Winnie Lui.'s experts

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Lamps and chandeliers can become magical tools sometimes. They can take us to fairy worlds, and let us experience unexpected emotions. They can have a calming and healing power, that is often used with children to introduce them to the world of dreams.

And when they are inspired by elements of nature, the final effect can be quite amazing.

Forms of Nature

Some people jokingly define it "a recipe against childhood trauma," and argue that it is not recommended for "anyone under the age of 65”. Forms of Nature is a wonderful chandelier created by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. When you switch the light on, a bunch of white tangled roots and branches cast shadows at 360 degrees transforming the entire look of the room: any type of environment suddenly becomes a spooky forest. Seeing is believing.

forest tree shadow chandelier

Nimbus Jellyfish

This collection of sculptures and chandeliers at the same time tries to catch the fragile beauty of one of the most fascinating inhabitants of the earth: the jellyfish. Each piece is meticulously hand-made, mainly by recycling plastic beverage bottles and using silicone rubber as sealant. These, materials, thanks to the right processing, allow to create a huge variety of tentacles of all shapes and sizes. The jellyfish's bells are created using acrylic domes made recycled plastic bottles and other plastic containers, and carved using a torch and other engraving tools. Each tentacle is individually forged, painted, and attached to the bell. Each sculpture (or better to say chandellier) is a unique piece, able to add a touch of colour and life to any room in our home or office.

Nimbus Jellyfish Chandelier


Przemek is an artist from Poland, who has changed his life thanks to pumpkins, in the true sense. His art is based on the transformation of ordinary pumpkins into beautiful table or wall lamps. Przemek dries gourds and then decorates them with various ornaments. The works of Przhemek are known under the brand of Calabarte. Carved gourds, inlaid ornaments, multicoloured rhinestones give these lamps an elegant and exotic look.

Calabarte Gourd Chandelier

Crimean Pinecone

The Russian artist Pavel Eekra is the creator of Crimean Pinecone, a contemporary pendant lamp with the shape of a pine cone, made using curved plates cleverly placed so as to create a fascinating play of light on the surrounding walls and ceiling. The slightly transparent plates help to make the light all around softer, while the lower part of the lamp, being open, allows a light beam to illuminate directly whatever is situatde below it.

Crimean Pinecone is available in three sizes and four different materials - Antiaris, Kaya, beech or maple, with a width between 23-31 inches and a 31 inches high.

crimean pinecone chandelier


In the main picture B&W Chandelier by Winnie Lui.

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