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Explo and Spillray Hanging Lamps

axo light's experts

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Axo Light, a very dynamic design Italian company located in the Venetian hinterland, since its founding back in 1996, it has grown to combine the passion for design and the marked international vocation of a qualified team. After just a few years, it has become one of the most interesting companies to emerge from the rich and complex world of Italian design.

The production of Axo Light has, notwithstanding, been able to remain consistent with the history and the tradition of glass blowing origins and craftsmanship typical of this geographic area. Its added value comes from the cutting-edge techniques and innovative materials used in lighting, such as Vicenza stone, bamboo or even silk.

Axo Light, decorative lighting

Among the most innovative products of the Axo Light stand two innovations in the field of lighting: Explo and Spillray. The first is a pendant lamp, whereas the latter is a new chandelier part of the Spillray collection that highlights the versatility of decorative lighting. Both are designed by Manuel Vivian, a Venice-born and well-reputed designer, who in these two products combines harmonious materials and light sources.

Explo pendant light

The Explo pendant lamp gives rise to an explosion, a play of light and crystals in white or red. It is offered in four standard models and can also be completely customised: the number of crystals, the inclination and the height and the distance between the individual crystals can be defined according to each individual taste. Furthermore, every lamp body mounts a linear halogen light that diffuses the light upwards and downwards.

Spllrey pendant light

The Spillray chandelier, presented for the first time in the autumn 2010, is now being expanded with new lamps that combine classic elements with a modern twist. It features a circular design with the arms emanating from the centre. The chandeliers are available in round and rectangular shapes with 20, 26 or 30 lights. The colour range includes transparent, orange, red and grey versions; halogen spots are used as a lighting source.

At this point, the design philosophy that characterise AXO Light’s products is almost clear and evident: to make the most of the use creativity and inspiration in order to create stunning lighting replete with value and emotion.

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