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The Importance of Choosing the Right Tiles

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When designing an indoor environment it is necessary to dwell on every detail, since details make even the most anonymous place unique. Choosing the right tiles, for example, is of primary importance since this will determine the atmosphere of the whole environment.

Therefore, if you are dealing with the choice of your home's tiles, it is better to be informed about all the possibility you have.  

Matter of Style

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You can choose to tile the kitchen up to the ceiling, or just up to the height of the cabinet, you can only tile the countertop or tiled your floor. 

Try to choose a motif that is not going to clash with the design of the furniture: if the style is quite minimalist, choose a geometric pattern. Mono-colour squared tiles are amongst the most sober and in the world, and allow you to have fun with décor. They give a sense of cleanliness and hygiene in a bathroom, a vintage style in the kitchen and an original touch to your bedroom. If your home is rustic, better to opt for decorative handmade ceramic tiles, able to make your fireplace warm and cosy.  

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Some Ideas

As I said earlier, there are many types of tiles, but here you can find a short list of the most easily available in the market.

Vitrified Tiles and Majolica

majolica tiles

Majolica is a quality product that is baked a first time, then glazed, and then is sprayed with a thin crystallizing transparent layer. This type of tile can be used for the coating of the kitchen as it has a good mechanical strength, suitable to be located behind the sink.

Porcelain Tiles

porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are the most commonly used in this field, as they have excellent mechanical strength and almost non-existent porosity, and this make them suitable even for the kitchen flooring.  Porcelain tiles can be purchased at natural or enamelled. The possible processes available allow you to reach original solutions and special aspects.

Single-Fired and Double-Fired Tiles

Double-Fired Tiles

Single-fired tiles are made by shaped, glazed and fired at the same time. They are mainly used for indoor flooring but if not excessively porous, they can be used outdoor too.

Double-Fired Tiles are baked, then the glaze is applied and the tiles are baked again. In this case they have a very delicate structure, therefore they are recommended for coating the kitchen's walls rather than floors.  

Clay Floor Tiles

clay floor tiles

They are mainly used for rustic environments and appear as red, porous tiles. Clay tiles are suitable for bot h inside and outside flooring.  

Hi-Tech Steel Tiles

Hi-Tech Steel Tiles

These tiles are made of steel undergone to several treatments that allow a completely unique and customizable finish. They are particularly suitable to modern interiors and minimalist kitchens with furnished with modern materials such as glass and steel. Thanks to the treatments they are very resistant to chemical agents and impacts.

Marble Tiles

marble tiles

Marble is a valuable material but rarely used as coating in the kitchen because of its porosity and its absorptive capacity. It seemed to have disappeared for a few years while has recently returned in vogue.


Some Further Tips

porcelain floor

Now, you should have a quick overview of the main tiles on the market. Once you select the solution that you prefer, the most suitable to your taste and to your home, get informed about the chemical and physical resistance of your tiles.

Don't buy very cheap products, but prefer tiles of excellent quality with high mechanical and chemical characteristics, so that you won't get any unpleasant surprises after a short time. A tile of poor quality, in fact, is likely to get broken, discoloured and damaged in short, just because of the chemical agents or the usual fall of kitchen item on the floor.

The choice is up to you and to your imagination!

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