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How to decorate a balcony or a terrace

diy furniture for terrace's experts

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What is more beautiful and relaxing than a having breakfast or an aperitif on the terrace in this season? In spring the temperature is mild, the sun warms the fresh air and gives us all the energy to start and end the day with joy.

Therefore, it is the ideal time to take advantage of outdoor spaces, like balconies and terraces, that with a couple of bright ideas you can make unique and customize as you prefer.

In fact, it is important to decorate your terrace or balcony to make it cozy and welcoming, and you can easily do it by including simple pieces of furniture, DIY creations or accessories. And don't worry, these solutions are perfect to decorate a small balcony too!

decorate a balcony

Decorate balcony with plants

The first and simplest idea to decorate a balcony is to add plants. If you have a little space available, exploit the verticality by hanging plants at different heights or choosing climbing plants! They will create shadow areas and will ensure some privacy.

Also place a cabinet with shelves against the wall, where you can put many small plants which will turn even the simplest balcony into a little green oasis. We recommend to buy repellent plants for yout terrace like citronella and geraniums which will keep mosquitoes far from you.

decorate balcony with plants

Terrace furniture

Your balcony can become a really cozy and warm reception area if you add some comfortable colourful pillows on a bench or chairs, or even on the floor, two small side tables and many potted plants. This would be the perfect set for afternoon tea or a spring aperitif.

If you have a small balcony you can opt for convertible outdoor furniture that you can open up when you need: for example you can buy a multifunctional table that becomes a small cart and you can hang extra hairs at the wall.

convertible terrace furniture

If you love DIY, create a boho-chic multiethnic style in your terrace without spending lots of money. Give a personal and charming look to your patio by adding some tables and benches made by rycicling old pallets (main picture). Finally add lots of pillows, fabrics and rugs with different colourful patterns.

Looking for the furniture for a small terrace? Here's an idea that will allow you to spend some time sitting in your balcony anyway: take an old shelf, paint it and fix it at the railing with some iron hooks: it will be perfect for holding books, glasses, teapot, dishes and decorative lanterns. Or buy this small balcony hanging table created by the Spanish design studio Nimio Lab.

balcony hanging table

Terrace flooring

The old wooden floor of the terrace is definitely ugly? Give it a new look:  a chessboard pattern will makes your outdoor area extremely elegant. You don't have a wooden floor but you would like one?  Platta wood decking tiles by Ikea easily slot into place  and give immediately a more natural and warm aspectto the environment. Add a small table and chair and decorate with plants and lanterns.

wooden terrace floor

Relax in your terrace

For your relaxing moments, fix some special hangers at the wall or at the ceiling. And at the right moment hang on your hammock in the terrace. Because there is nothing more relaxing than to be lulled by the wind!

hammock in the terrace

Terrace lighting

Do not underestimate the importance of the terrace lighting. Choose bulbs that can improve the functionality of open spaces. And yet, for a romantic dinner some lanterns and candles will be enough to create the right atmosphere, apart from being a simple and inexpensive way to decorate a balcony. Add some yellow or white Christmas lights along the walls: they willgive a touch of magic to your evenings on the terrace.

terrace lighting
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