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Outdoor Kitchens

concrete outdoor kitchen by WWOO's experts

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Unfortunately many people cannot afford an outdoor kitchen, primarily for reasons of space. But if you have a sufficiently large garden and you love Sunday barbecues and summer dinners, today you have got the chance to do it without going back and forth from the kitchen to the table. And more and more models appear on the market, for all needs and pockets.

One of the largest home appliances manufacturers in the world, Electrolux, launched a short time ago Profiline Outdoor Kitchen: a mobile kitchen, easy to carry throughout the garden. Basic and modern shapes and environmentally friendly materials characterize this outdoor kitchen.

Also note the particular arrangement of spaces,that allow to accommodate plants, creating a perfect harmony between the kitchen and the garden.

outdoor kitchen by Electrolux

The brand Kitchen_Q, by the Italian company Cosenza Bianchinox, offers a range of modular outdoor kitchen, all made in Italy. Large closets and up to three fires hobs, gas grill, built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, which requires very low maintenance and very resistant if weathered. You can also include a lid, a thermometer for the control of the oven's temperature, side burners and electronic ignition. One of the greatest advantages of this kitchen is the maximum freedom it allows in its composition, thanks to an accessible design. Available in different colours.


modular outdoor kitchen by Kitchen_Q

Another interesting outdoor kitchen is Modular, by Sunday. The company is specialized in products for outdoor cooking, and has produced two innovative two types of outdoor kitchen, both characterized by modularity, comfort and functionality, innovative materials and accessories. There is a barbecue, a grill, a built-in oven and hob. But also a deep fryer and even a built-in fridge, a sink and work top. All modular elements (hence the name of the kitchen) that can be customized according to your needs. All the pieces are made in granulated marble and antique solid wood, safe and resistant.

outdoor kitchen

If you are looking for something more compact, Alpina, the famous Belgian brand producing luxury kitchen furniture, has created Bongos, a small kitchenette made of stainless steel and equipped with wheels so that it can be easily carried wherever you need it. It can also be decorated with exotic wood inserts. If you want you can add two extra burners.

The basic accessories can also be integrated with other modules: a sink with extendible faucet, an 3 drawers and a waste compartment.

Bongos, the kitchenette by Alpina

One of the latest and the most amazing outdoor kitchens is the Dutch WWOO, a modular kitchen made of concrete (main picture), which can also be used for other work in the garden, thanks to its spacious shelves. Created by the interior designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer, WWOO has a number of elements that combine concrete, wood and even leather. Available in various shapes and forms, this stylish kitchen is highly customizable and, if you want, it can also be integrated with an outdoor shower.

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