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Recycled Plastic Finds New Life in Outdoor Eco-Furniture

loll design eco-furniture's experts

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Despite the recent attempts by manufacturers of reducing packaging and encouraging the sale of unpackaged fresh food, plastic continues to be used for many reasons and the only way to make it less harmful to the environment is recycling it.

It was a wonderful discovery to see that more and more companies producing furniture, especially garden and outdoor furniture, are using 100% recycled plastic and that the result is pleasant in appearance, as well as of high quality and functionality. As a matter of fact, recycled plastic does not require a specific maintenance and it perfectly resists weathering. The innovative green plastic material is achieved by using only waste from urban waste collection. Perfect for gardens, it marvellously adapts to indoor spaces as well.

By now, even architects and designers are choosing plastic made from recycled wastes for the furniture for public or private spaces. Look at some examples.

Loll Designs has been producing for long time modern outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled milk jugs, suitable for all seasons. Its style is contemporary, perfect for those who want to add a unique and modern aesthetic touch to their garden. Loll is best known for the Adirondack chair (main picture). It is available in 8 colours, in a swinging version, and may be accompanied by a comfortable footrest that you can also use as a coffee table.

Eco-furniture: fence made with recycled plastic

This elegant fence characterized by a smooth profile is made with a mixture of recycled plastics material which makes this product 100% ecological and eliminates environmental impact. Strong and durable, it requires no anchors and it is fireproof. It is also perfect for places frequented by children since it is completely free of projecting parts or tips.


Eco-furniture: Eagle One Monterey table, chairs and benches

What do you think of this 6 legs table, called Eagle One Monterey, entirely made of recycled plastic? Wouldn't you confuse it with a heavy, valuable, wooden table? The complete set includes a table, chairs or benches and a big umbrella. It comes in various colours including black, brown, cedar colour, green and white.

eco-funriture: porch swing

Finally, a porch swing can become a fine piece of furniture in your garden, adding a touch of class to the place where you spend your summer evenings enjoying fresh air and getting relaxed. And if you have children, they sill definitely have some fun.

This sophisticated swing by the environment committed Berlin Garden is available in different colours including green, burgundy, black, cedar brown wood and white. Entirely made of recycled plastic, it will adapt perfectly to your garden and make our earth cleaner.

Thu, 02/05/2013 - 18:36
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