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Do it yourself trivets and beverage coasters

DIY trivets and beverage coasters's experts

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Wooden, woven, hand-thrown. They have any shape and any type of decoration and each home in the world has their own. They are trivets, essential instruments that any self-respecting kitchen has. Sometimes people don't look out for their aesthetic side and they buy hurriedly just for their functionality. Sometimes we receive them as a gift from parents coming back from vacations.
Finally, some rare time, diy lovers make them with recyclable materials creating little handicraft works. And, if they are small size ones, they are perfect beverage coasters.
Here's how to make a fun and unique table!

Rope trivet

Handmade rope trivet

Too small to be a carpet, but in the morning it is perfect to rest coffee maker on!

The rope has to be quite big and resistant but, if you already have a thinner one use it, it will be just less easy and it will need only more patience. You need about 3 metres. Just to start, it could be useful to trace on a sheet the shape you want to give to your trivet, in this case it's a kind of flower with five petals. This will help you to create knots following the right shape and also to make them with the same sizes, in case that you want to create various coasters. At this point it starts to plait. Especially if the rope is too thin and less rigid, what will help you is blocking the handles with an adhesive tape.
Watching this tutorial you will understand that it is a rather easy work and the worthy of a capable sailor!

DIY felt and stone trivet

DIY felt and stone trivet

What follows is a really simple and funny project! These trivets are natural thermal insulations. All you need is cut a piece of felt, bought in a hobby shop or in a haberdasher's, into the desired shape, a circle, a rectangle or what you like most.
The important part of the project is choosing quite flat stones or stones of the same thickness, even if they have different sizes. Paste the stones on the felt with some hot glue and it's a done deal. With this technique you can create also breakfast placemats or chic centrepieces.

Recycled paper beverage coasters

Recycled paper beverage coasters

This beverage coasters kit (which could become trivets with a little bit more of paper) is really unique. The various elements were created using simple newsprints, recycled paper. And if by any chance you would be able to group newspapers of various colours and to use one for each coaster, the result will be amazing.

Take the paper and cut it into strips a couple of centimetres wide and fold them up until obtaining strips half centimetre wide. Start rolling a paper strip (you can help yourself by using a stick for the first boundaries) creating a sort of snail. When you finish with a strip, add another one and so on, until you will reach the desired dimensions. To make strips addition easier, you can paste their extremities to the underlying paper layer. And if you want to customise them further, you can add a ribbon of your favourite colour. Finally you can process your work with a waterproofing to make it long-lasting and resistant. The final result will be original and colourful trivets or beverage coasters, depending on dimensions. And you'll making right to the environment! You could clean them with a damp rag.

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