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Saving electricity and water has never been so easy – some useful accessories for home

Saving electricity and water's experts

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Saving electricity and water at home is not only a question of ecology, most of all it helps to reduce considerably our bills. It’s certain that we know all the useful advices about energy saving: don’t leave electronic devices on standby, don’t let water run while brushing teeth or while soaping in the shower, don’t wash dishes by hand, etc.

Do you know that today there are lots of home accessories which let us saving water and energy economizing hundreds of Euros per year while thinking about nothing?

Here it is a guide to easy saving:

Water saving accessories for taps and shower

Saving water with an aerator

Shower-head and tap aerators can reduce water use by up to 60%. Little valves are put at the end of the tap where they mix some air with water to reduce water flow per minute from 15 litres to 8-6 litres.

Thanks to the air, the water flow remains soft and consistent although the water quantity is strictly reduced. Generally aerators are sold as a kit for three taps and shower. They are low cost (around 20 pounds for a kit), but they let people save around 150 pounds per year on the water bill.

Saving water with a thermostatic mixer

People who want to spend a little bit more, could consider buying a thermostatic mixer tap. This mixer, available for washbasin and shower, reduces water quantity but also it controls water temperature that, once set, will remain fixed. Thus, it could further economize while avoiding water flows until it reaches the desired temperature.

Standby saver multi-socket

Saving energy with a standby saver multi-socket

Also saving electricity is too easy. Just think about that during the day, when we are at work, or during the night all home appliances remain turned on in standby mode. It’s not always possible to remember to turn off all the devices before going out or going to sleep. Cut consumption multi-sockets can remedy the problem.

They allow inserting all home appliances in the same category, for example a television, a DVD player, a video game console and a decoder. When the main appliance, in this case the television, has been turned off or put in standby mode, the power of all appliances inserted into the multi-socket is automatically interrupted.

In this way, electricity consumption can be reduced and around 50 pounds per year can be saved – just using a single multi-socket! Thinking about using it for each home appliance! Cut consumption multi-socket costs between 20 and 30 pounds.

Solar and wind chargers

Saving electricity with a solar battery charger

Mini solar panels or micro windmill blade battery chargers, are useful not only for saving electricity but they are also very practical. So, who doesn’t know what smartphones main problem is: they are out of battery after few hours, particularly if they are used to play games or to chat. With solar or wind battery chargers we can charge our smartphone also when we are outside home!

Saving electricity with Kinesis K3 solar-wind battery charger

Kinesis K3 battery charger is even supplied with both a solar panel and a wind generator. Its price is around 60 pounds, but it is possible to find micro solar panel to charge laptop and smartphone for 30 pounds.

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